>Tequila for grown-ups.

>When bottle store owners and barmen have a customer request tequila, they assume that the drink is destined to be drunk as a shooter, with salt and lemon. However, with the new batch of super premium tequilas, there is now an opportunity for discerning palates to enjoy a more refined spirit.

At the Cape Town launch of Patron Tequila at the elegant Roundhouse Restaurant in Camps Bay, the sweeping views of the bay were complemented by a colourful display of the hand-blown Patron Tequila bottles. The Patron range, from Silver to Gran Patron Burdeos (finished in Burgundy wine barrels), was available for tasting. In-between, guests sampled two aged expressions, Anejo and Reposada.

There are several factors that make these super premium tequilas different from other tequila-style spirits. Patron and Don Julio tequilas are made entirely from the Blue Agave plant, while many other tequila-style drinks are made with different types of Agave plant, or are blended with other ingredients.

The Patron and Don Julio Reposada tequilas are ideal for those who wish to sip their drinks slowly, instead of slinging it down their throats. Stock up, educate your customers and benefit from increased sales of high quality spirits.