>Blow me

>Ever looked at a patron lurch across your floor, car keys in hand, firmly of the opinion that he is sober enough to drive? Ever wanted to prove him wrong? A UK company does. The staff of ‘Blow Me’ will attend an event and offer an alcohol breath-testing service, giving customers sometimes unexpected results.

People are invited to blow into the tube and read their blood alcohol level on the display. The testing is done in a non-threatening way, so it is still up to the patrons whether or not they decide to turn the ignition key. However, the moral ramifications could prove tricky: if you know that someone is over the limit and you don’t stop them from getting into their cars, how much guilt do you bear if they have an accident that you could have prevented?

Many indulgers seem to be under the impression that if they feel ‘fine’, they are capable of driving after a couple (or more) drinks. The law, however, is not that vague and subjective. Blow Me tries to educate and warn customers of the risks they face.

The company can be booked for private functions and will also do their thing at restaurants and club venues. The Blow Me crew recently accompanied drivers on a week-long segment of a racing event, doing breath tests every morning before they set off. Some were shocked to discover that their blood alcohol level was many times over the legal limit, hours after they had stopped drinking the night before. They, of course, had to organise alternative transport.

As a liquor retailer, you don’t want to discourage your customers from drinking, but you do want to stop the irresponsible from risking themselves, the lives of their passengers and other road-users. Blow Me’s services are not available in this country yet, but you can promote safe driving at your business. Encourage intoxicated patrons or colleagues to call a taxi or use one of the companies specialising in drunk driver call-outs.

This article appeared in TOT magazine earlier this year.