The growing thirst for specialist whisky in South Africa has prompted the creation of the first local single grain whisky and the establishment of a new sub-category to acknowledge its origin.

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, crafted by master distiller Andy Watts at the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, is being classified as a Cape Mountain Whisky and is made from the finest quality South African grain.

This distinctive whisky is double-matured in specially selected oak casks. After the initial three years’ maturation period, it is released from the wood and then once again re-vatted into oak casks for a further two years’ maturation to continue the extraction of flavours.

Watts says that with the growing accent on connoisseurship for South African consumers and their interest in provenance, he was inspired to create a whisky made exclusively from South African grain. “There is an increasing understanding of the impact of origin on a range of beverages and that includes spirits. Our grain, which is locally grown, provides the ideal source for the whisky which is complemented by the sweet notes of the oak in which it is aged, resulting in an intriguing profile.”

He says that the whisky shows an exceptional interaction between spirit and wood to produce a mix of toffee, floral and vanilla aromas and flavours with a hint of spice softened by sweet undertones. The result is a warm and extended mouthfeel with an exceptionally smooth finish.

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky takes its name from the Bain’s Kloof Pass, opened in 1853 and which is a national monument. According to Watts the pass “harmonises seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

“At its base the road cuts into the mountain slopes and winds its way through pine forests and fynbos where many protea species grow on the higher mountain slopes. The whisky pays tribute not only to one of the most picturesque and magnificent passes in South Africa but also honours Andrew Geddes Bain, the creative mind behind its construction.”

The leopards on the crest represent the Cape Mountain leopards which have lived in and roamed the area of Bain’s Kloof Pass for hundreds of years. Regal and agile, these reclusive predators keep to the steep, inaccessible slopes of the rugged mountains. Today, the numbers of these endangered cats have been dramatically reduced but rare sightings are reported from time to time.

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky is available in a distinctive, square 750ml bottle (with or without an attractive gift tin) and is expected to retail for about R153.

DATE 27 July 2009

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