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Article from the Business Day Weekender edition.

BERNARD GUTMAN has a talk and a tot with the maker of SA’s first single-grain whisky
Published: 2009/09/05 07:23:05 AM

THE island of Islay is just off the west coast of Scotland. It is home to 3500 people and eight malt whisky distilleries, including the Bowmore distillery, legendary for its smoky, peated whiskies.

Bowmore is also where Andy Watts, master distiller at Distell, spent time learning about whisky.

At the James Sedgwick distillery in Wellington, surrounded by barrels of slowly maturing whisky, with the rain pelting down in true Scottish style, Watts shares some of his thoughts about Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, SA’s first single-grain whisky.

“We think this product showcases the excellent raw materials available to us. Our grains were used in many Scotch whiskies up to the mid-1980s, so if you are lucky enough to enjoy a good single-grain or blended Scotch 24 years and older, chances are you are having grain grown in SA.”

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