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Whisky Renegade Visits SA

Celebrity chef and whisky connoisseur Bruce Campbell challenges whisky-making traditions at this year’s FNB Whisky Live Festival

  This year’s FNB Whisky Live Festival will see international celebrity chef and whisky connoisseur, Bruce Campbell, introducing festival-goers to his revolutionary new approach to whisky-making. The “Bruce Campbell way” dispels all traditional methods of this age-old art, opting for more time saving and cost effective means of creating the ‘Water Of Life,’ as it was originally known.

Bruce was first made famous locally in brandhouse’s ‘Scotland From Home’ ad campaign which ran on local television and saw Bruce travelling throughout Scotland to educate some of the industry’s best known master distillers, blenders and distillery managers in the “Bruce Campbell way” of whisky-making (visit www.scotlandfromhome.com to see all the videos).

The “Bruce Campbell way” favours a number of new whisky-making methods including using plastic barrels instead of customary oak casks to mature the whisky (thereby effectively eliminating any evaporation that might take place during the maturation process) and drying the malted barley over a charcoal fire instead of the traditional, time-consuming method of smoking it in peat fires.

Bruce’s tongue-in-cheek methods may not produce whisky that is in any way palatable, but they have certainly caused a stir in the whisky-drinking community.

“What Bruce is doing,” says Rynard Van Der Westhuizen, brandhouse’s local whisky connoisseur, presenter and guru, “while saving a lot of time and money in the whisky-making process, ends up producing a liquid that tastes nothing like the real thing.”

 “There are no shortcuts in the time-honoured process of making whisky,” says Van Der Westhuizen, “the methods we’ve been using to make whisky have evolved over literally hundreds of years because they produce a liquid of exceptional character that is enjoyed throughout the world. Personally, I’ll be very interested to meet Bruce at the festival and see what he has to say, but anyone who follows his philosophy when it comes to making whisky is clearly missing the point entirely.”

Whether you’re a believer in the “Bruce Campbell Way” or not, his stay in the country promises to be an interesting one as he tackles traditions head on in his quest to create Scottish whisky from home.

Visit Bruce’s stand at this year’s FNB Whisky Live Festival where he will be regaling passersby with his whisky knowledge and giving away a whisky hamper worth R2500 to one lucky winner. The FNB Whisky Live Festival is taking place from the 3 – 5 November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and 10 – 12 November at the Sandton Convention Centre in Jo’burg.

Not for Sale or available to Persons Under the Age of 18.  Drink Responsibly.

The question is: What type of wood must whisky be matured in?
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