Kahunas the size of Whisky barrels

Shane Dowling is the publisher of Whisky, a new glossy magazine for lovers of whisky and all things nice in South Africa, and a man who must have kahunas the size of whisky barrels. Anyone who ventures into print publications for a niche market is a very brave person, or is under the influence of too much of the lovely liquid.
The press launch was appropriately at the Bascule Whisky Bar, Cape Grace hotel. The usual crowd was there, with one major difference – the appearance of a Sangoma (an African Shaman, for those from outside South Africa) who blessed the magazine and all who sail in her.
Shane assembled a top team to write and edit Whisky, including ex Wine magazine editor Fiona McDonald, Neil Pendock, a man who knows his liquor and is not afraid to say what some of us are thinking and Dave Hughes, whose knowledge is only surpassed by his humility.
The first edition is worthwhile picking up just for David Bullard’s column. David will be a regular contributor and will have a few people choking from laughter on their single malt.
First views – it is a very good read. The writing and layout is great and hopefully the advertisers stay on board. Will it be a commercial success? I hope so. South Africa needs a quality local publication.
Tops at Spar are going to be stocking the mag (well done Ray Edwards) and see www.whiskymag.co.za from 1 February for more info about where to find Whisky.