Patron Silver Tequila Launch Party

“Patron!” is a shout heard often at clubs and bars, followed by the arrival of a round of that most delicious of drinks, Patron XO Café. If you have lived under a rock for the last couple of years, that’s the premium tequila with coffee extract that quite simply has taken South Africa by hot Mexican hurricane.  We are the 2nd largest market for that drink, outside America.

Last Thursday night I drank another Patron, the Patron Silver Tequila. Now as good as it is – and it is very good – it was difficult to prepare tasting notes at the launch party for this super-premium spirit.

By why analyse too closely – if you enjoy it, just drink it. So no excuses if this column doesn’t conform to the rules of drink reviews. I am just a guy easily distracted by beauty. So while an invitation that involves tequila will bring a crowd, Patron will bring the right crowd. At a city centre penthouse, with views of the mountain, models, musicians, movie and TV stars, this regular dude enjoyed a party of note and just drank it.  Responsibly of course.

Drinks like Patron and Don Julio changed the public perception of tequila from a get-me-drunk drink disguised with salt and lemon, raising it almost – but not quite – to the level of single malt whisky.  The 100 % agave spirit in the premium tequilas gives it the rich, fresh flavours, unlike the nail varnish taste of the tequila pretenders.  The spirit is pure, the taste is clean, it works on its own, in cocktails, on ice, and very well from the device that dispensed Patron Silver from a pipe at…ummm…waist height, that had women on their knees getting a mouthful. Picture it.  And yes, there are photos.

Patron Silver is a good follow-up to Café. It’s not there to replace it, but I think it will get more people to drink less, but drink better.

Or as a 20-something bombshell once at club a few months back – “No, I don’t want tequila, I want a Patron!”


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