Three celebrations…all about whisky.

Mention the town of Wellington to anyone during October 2011 and they will think about the Rugby World Cup.  With the launch of new Single Malt Whisky one’s mind travels to Scotland.  Or Japan.  Maybe Ireland.  But what about Wellington in the Cape Winelands, with a population of 55 000 and average temperature of 26 °C? It is the home of The James Sedgwick Distillery, where Andy Watts and his team created a 10-year-old Single Malt Whisky that took my mind off the misery of the World Cup, and confirmed that South Africa is a great place for whisky lovers.

First, the occasions: the 125th anniversary of the birth of The James Sedgwick Distillery; the celebration of 20 years of Andy Watts’ tenure as manager and the launch of the second edition the Three Ships 10 year old Single Malt whisky. Each occasion worthy of a celebration in its own right and combined – a perfect occasion for a collective of whisky people eating, drinking, talking and all for the good of the spirit.

I have written about Three Ships 10 year old before and about Andy and his Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky. And there are a few press releases  for something about the distillery and the whisky, here and here. And my blogging colleagues have written very detailed posts about the day we had. Have a look here with more to follow.

Look, I am not being lazy by ending this post early. But I’d really like to go back to my tasting now. The whisky is delicious. It truly is. Go out and buy a bottle or two.

South Africa – what a place.