Festival 1st night and what to do.

A quick one – a few people have asked what to do, where to go at the festival, what’s new and exciting. And about the first night.

First night was cool, serious whisky people and lots of media. Time to chat properly with people, no massive crowd.

What to do – do something different.  While we love what we have every day or what we are used to, try something you have never had.  Seek out the independents, the lesser-known brands, the new arrivals.

Master classes if you can, and chat to the people behind the stands. Engage with the local experts and the international fundis.  They have barrels full of knowledge and love to share.

Visit the Compass Box Blending zone, chat with Emil, the Glenmorangie Tasting room, with Karen and Niel, the Macallan Aroma area, hosted by Candice.  Try some South African whisky from Andy at Three Ships and Bains. If there are spots available, book for the Volvo tour with Marsh. The Whisky Mag stand is great. Chat with Shane and Fiona.

I am at Mark Burridge’s  The Whisky Club stand, where we have 8 whiskies on offer.  My pick of the new whiskies is the Clan Denny ‘Speyside’ . It is a vatted malt contains single malt whiskies from four Speyside distilleries – Dufftown, Glendullan, Linkwood and Mortlach.  Hector Mc Beth had a hand in the construction of this whisky and he will be on hand at the Picardi stand to give you the story behind the brand. And right next to me Angie has about 40 independent bottlers whiskies that you have never tasted.

Favorites we have are the Springbanks, 10 and 15. Winners. Awesome.  The Glenfarclas 12 is a perfect examples of Sherry cask whiskies.  And the Glenfarclas 105, at 60% ABV is the perfect last whisky of the night.

And hey – please get a designated driver or grab a taxi.

See you later.


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