A tale of two festivals

I’ve always loved the Whisky Live Festival. From the start, 9 years ago in a tent in the Waterfront, to the modern Convention Centers, it has given me much joy, whether I have been in the crowd, behind the stands, attending a master class or one of the private functions.  It is the biggest in the world, the biggest event on the whisky calendar in South Africa, a time to catch up with old friends and meet new friends. Like whisky and wine festivals the world over, Friday nights can be a challenge for those behind the stands. But it is about alcohol – and I hope that those that have one or three too many, do not drive home.  For 3 nights in Cape Town and in Johannesburg, thousands of whisky lovers stream through the doors for 4 hours of fun, entertainment, learning and dramming.  Whisky Live is a slick, professional, high-class operation.

But quite often, people want something different.  More intimate, perhaps.  So I am intrigued to see how the Wade Bales Wine and Malt Affair works out.  2 nights only, at Montecasino, with the great range of wine and malts – should be a fun time for the whisky and wine lover. And let’s not compare the two festivals, but celebrate diversity. The more people that love fine whisky, the more people with whom  we can share the message  “Drink less, but drink better” the nicer it is for all of us.

So come along to Wade Bales and have a whisky with me. And next year, come to Whisky Live, and do more of the same.