A party with a happy ending.

I admit to a healthy degree of scepticism when big drinks companies spend some of their marketing budget on promoting responsible drinking.  And I’ve been to enough events where lip service is paid to the responsible drinking message, but the hidden message is – drink, party, and move on.

Last week I saw and experienced something very different.  I went to an event hosted by Brandhouse, a giant drinks company in South Africa.  During my holiday break, I’ll write about the event, the Bushmill’s “Find The Craic” party, which took the form of an adventure race around Cape Town.  It was a legendary day – fantastic – but this is not about the event. It is about safety, respect, responsibility.

We had a few whiskies, ended up at the Bascule whisky bar, had more whiskies, and then had Roadtrip, a chauffeur company, drive me home in my own car. Not just me, but every one of the 40 or so people that attended the event had safe passage home.

Brandhouse arranged transport for every attendee.  They did not publicise what they did. They just did it.  No fancy ad campaigns, no talk, just action.  It was the most perfect example of a drinks company doing something positive, concrete, effective and useful to do something about a message often spoken about.

Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Well done Brandhouse, well done Bushmill’s, you hosted a party that had a very happy ending and earned the respect – yes, respect – of everyone that attended.