The Macallan and Roja Dove perfumes presentation

We have a great whisky event planned at Cafe Manhattan, Green Point. Candice Baker, Brand Ambassador for The Edrington Group Whisky Portfolio is going to dazzle us with Roja Dove perfumes she will be using to explain whisky flavour/aroma.

Tuesday, 6.30pm, R 180.00, including welcome drinks and snacks, for a presentation that will amaze you.

Contact Glenda at 082 499 0052 and email


Here is the official word:

“The Macallan has created a magical box of aroma oils as part of a new industry-leading presentation for the brand team and global ambassadors to use when introducing The Macallan.

David Cox, director of brand education, and Master Perfumer, Roja Dove, worked together on the beautiful oak box that contains 12 unique natural oil blends. The first six scents showcase some common characteristics of whisky, arranged in pairs of opposites to intrigue and educate on the power of aroma, while the second six represent Roja’s interpretation of the essential sensory character of The Macallan matured in Spanish oak, sherry seasoned casks and American oak casks, seasoned with sherry and bourbon.

The Macallan brand ambassadors are given a first-class induction to the brand through visits to the distillery and estate. These visits are now supported by a new electronic platform for all Macallan brand ambassadors and presenters, which hosts a new visually-driven series of presentation modules to mesh with the innovative sensory approach delivered through the aroma oils.

The new presentation has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, ensuring that a common set of visuals and speaker notes can be delivered by the presenter projecting his or her own character, whilst regular updates can be automatically downloaded via the internet. Presenters can also add their own personalisation as an adjunct to the modules through creating a ‘My Macallan’ section.

Roja Dove, with a celebrated perfumery within Urban Retreat in Harrods, selected only the finest natural ingredients for these Macallan aroma oils; the rose de Mai, from Grasse, for example requires over 300,000 hand-picked roses to make one kilo of oil! The box that presents the twelve oils was made by Duke Christie, a highly skilled cabinet maker who lives close to The Macallan, out of oak from the Macallan estate.

Commenting on the new presentation and the aroma box David Cox said: “We believe that we have created a highly engaging and educational way of accessing the world of The Macallan. We have a wonderful story to tell, and some great story tellers to deliver that story. This new presentation will enable them to deliver that story in true Macallan style”.”