Glen Grant Distillation Zone @whiskylivesa

Bernard, my good buddy, are you going to be at Whisky Live SA this year? Can I have a ticket? This time of year I’m amazed how many good buddies I have! Yes, I will be at the show. Unfortunately I can’t offer you a ticket, but I can offer you some fine whiskies.
I’m hosting the Glen Grant Distillation Zone in Cape Town. Dennis Malcolm, the master distiller, is coming down from Scotland to host the stand in Durban and Joburg.
What I hope to do is to share with you the information about why the wonderful Glen Grant Whisky tastes the way it does. What of the role of the rectifier – that weird and wonderful addition to the Still? Some stories about the Major, whisky and waterfalls and of course, I hope to make your night more enjoyable, sharing a dram or two.
So please come visit me and let’s share a wee dram, for the love of whisky.

Here is some info about the Glen Grant 16.



Glen Grant once again cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most popular single malt whiskies by wowing the judges at the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge held in New York City recently. This prestigious competition awards products showing superior quality in their respective categories.

The 16 year old Glen Grant scored second highest in the single malt Scotch Whisky category with 96 points. As a finalist for the Chairperson’s Trophy, the panel congratulated master distiller Dennis Malcolm on “crafting this extraordinary single malt and beating out many other higher priced entrants in this prestigious New York City competition.”

The highly distinguished panel of expert judges viewed it of extraordinary quality and gave it an ultimate recommendation. “The nose reveals a sophisticated and refined malt with loads of ripe apple and pear supported by nutmeg, malt, roasted almonds and citrus. Delicate, while generous on the palate with long lingering notes of honey, vanilla and mace with hints of pepper.”

The 10 year old received an excellent and highly recommended accolade from the panel and scored 92 points. Judges were impressed with “the quite floral nose with waves of honey, sweet grain, citrus zest as well as hay. Medium-bodied with a refreshing vibrancy and soft toasted grain note, it is ideally balanced to be a lovely choice for the evening’s aperitif.”

“This was a really great result for Glen Grant and serves as a perfect platform to showcase why Glen Grant remains one of the top-selling single malt Scotch whiskies in the world. It is an incredible testament to the craft of the master distiller to have Glen Grant show so well against some of the world’s greatest whiskies,” mentions Craig van den Bergh, Glen Grant brand manager in South Africa.”