Wilkes McDermid – the search continues. #findwilkes @wilkes888

To our thoughts of concern for our friend Wilkes we now add a sense of frustration. After the last confirmed sighting on the evening of the 26th, we have heard that Wilkes was seen in Cape Town on the 28th December and again on the 3rd January, but Wilkes is still missing. We want answers, we want to find Wilkes and we hope we find him healthy.

But we don’t have any more information. We simply have no news, nothing from the SA authorities other than they are still investigating. We have to rely on the experts and trust they are going about their business professionally. We cannot and must not do anything that could prejudice their investigation, and we must not speculate or distribute information that we do not know is true.

We can do no more, but wait, and hope.



Bernard Gutman

Cape Town

7 January 2013