Statement from Wilkes’ family – #findwilkes

We express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the people of Cape Town and around the world involved in the search for Wilkes, our son and brother. It is heart-warming to see the good in people, some of whom do not know Wilkes personally, but who gave of their time simply to help another.

Wilkes said that Cape Town is a beautiful city, a place where he has always experienced warmth and friendliness. In the short time we have been here we have seen that this is a special part of the world. We will share our positive thoughts with friends and family back home in England.

Wilkes has asked us to convey his deepest appreciation to his friends and the general public here in Cape Town and back home for their efforts. Also, to offer his most sincere apology for the inconvenience caused. He will expand on this more fully when he is able to. For now, he needs to rest and recover.

Once we are home and have processed the information we have and will obtain, we will engage directly with the official bodies to resolve any formalities that require our attention.

What we ask, indeed plead for – is that we are given some time and space alone with Wilkes.

Our hearts are now healing – and we have you to thank.




  1. We wish Wilkes all the Best. May he get well soon and enjoy our beautiful Cape Town fully. May the family also find some rest and wisdom in this difficult time. -D

  2. Thank you for this kind and sensitive statement – our best thoughts are with you all. Feel free to elaborate in time. Clearly, however, Bernard had reason to escalate this as a matter of urgency. We are just glad Wilkes is well. Good luck to you all.

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