Confession 1. It has been quite a while since I purchased a bottle of whisky.  I am working my way through an assortment of trade gifts, tasting samples and so on. And in these tough economic times, consumers have to think about how to stretch our hard earned rands. Now when a damn good whisky is available for a damn good price, what is a man to do?

Confession 2: As soon as I have posted this article, I’m going down to my local liquor store and buying two bottles of this Three Ships Premium Select. Why? Because it’s one of the whiskies I enjoy a couple of times a week and the bottle I have seems to have developed a leak. I dunno. One of these mysteries in life.

But enough of that. Again, Three Ships wins an international competition. It is a pretty amazing feat from Andy and his team at the James Sedgwick Distillery.  The pot stills at the distillery are modelled on the stills at Bowmore on Islay, a little island off the West Coast of Scotland, a place pretty far removed from Wellington, where the temperature reaches 40 plus in summer.

Here is the press release. Now excuse me, I’m going to see a man about a whisky.


Proving that South Africa makes some of the best whiskies in the world, Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old has just been awarded gold and best in class at the 2013 International Spirits Challenge held in London. This follows merely a year after taking the coveted title of World’s Best Blended Whisky at the 2012 World Whisky Awards.

The Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old is an artful blend of selected South African and Scotch whiskies that have all been aged for a minimum of five years in oak casks. Robust, aromatic and unpretentious, the whisky exhibits a full peaty character, ending in a lingering, warm finish.

Created at The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, the Three Ships range of whiskies has earned many firsts for the South African whisky industry. These distinctions include the first blend of South African and Scotch whiskies, the first 100% South African locally matured and blended whisky as well as the first 100% South African single malt.

The Three Ships range consisting of Select, Premium Select 5 year, Bourbon Cask Finish and the limited-edition 10 year old single malt, are all crafted by Master Distiller Andy Watts, who has been the distillery manager for the past 22 years.

The Three Ships Premium Select 5 year old is available from leading liquor outlets and retails for about R135 per bottle.”


Bernard Gutman

Cape Town

June 2013


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