5 minutes with – Triya Govender – Brand Manager Johnnie Walker Red Label #teambrandhouse

I’m up at Whisky Live in Soweto and will be chatting with some whisky folk – here is the first #5minutes.

Triya, what’s your official job title:

Brand Manager Johnnie Walker Red Label

What is an average week for you?

Work, work, work! But when I’m not busy creating exciting campaigns for Johnnie Walker, you’ll find me helping out NGOs through an organisation I co-founded a year ago (The Young Professional’s Effect).

 What is the message you want to get across to consumers this year:

For my brand, it’s definitely that Johnnie Walker is the King of Flavour; delivering BIG BOLD flavours to our consumers.

What’s different for the consumer this year at the FNB Whisky Live SA Festival?

brandhouse has taken a unique approach to Whisky Live this year, by incorporating all our brands into a single exhibition. The brandhouse Whisky Sensorium is an immersive multi-sensory experience that takes consumers on a journey through 4 whisky ‘worlds’. Each world captures a broad flavour profile representative of the whiskies in each world.   The brandhouse Whisky Sensorium is designed to, stimulate consumers’ senses thereby enhancing their tasting experience and fully immerse them in the flavour ‘worlds’.  Consumers have the opportunity to explore whiskies from brandhouses’ full whisky portfolio/range.