#5minutes with – Marcel Swain SA Brand Manager: Three Ships Range and Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky @whiskylivesa @bainswhisky @jsdistillery

Marcel Swain

Your official job title:

SA Brand Manager: Three Ships Range and Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky

What is an average week for you?

Quite a bit of travelling and working in conjunction with our sales team/colleagues – In gaining a deeper understanding of what the various customers and consumers needs and wants are #alwayslearning. Apart from travelling – I am dubbed a professional typist as with the amount of mails I receive and reply to is unbelievable. But overall I do #lovemyjob as its humbling to work closely with the Master Distiller; Distiller and passionate colleagues and manage two brands that are the world’s best in their own right #Blended and #Grain

What’s the message you want to get across to consumers this year:

Bain’s cape mountain whisky is unique product. With Bain’s being awarded the title World’s Best Grain whisky –it has created interested and intrigue in the brand. Therefore this year we introducing and educating consumers on the make up of Bain’s being a Grain whisky. Showcasing this premium brand/product to new consumers. Liquid on lips is key – as once you have tasted Bain’s you are sold.

What’s different for the consumer this year at the FNB Whisky Live SA Festival?

With Bain’s being the only whisky being part of the Shisa Nyama area – the brand can be part of your lifestyle and way of living. Bain’s can  be thoroughly enjoyed neat on the rocks, dash of water or with your favourite mix to suit your palate. In Sandton –very exciting times that three ships whisky will be providing special releases and samples in the Master Classes #a1stforthebrand #JSD #Innovation

Any other comments.