Sipping a Three Ships Whisky from @jsdistillery or watching @officialCSA on a Monday afternoon?

When there is test match cricket I sit at my computer and work with the TV on in the background. Anytime there is a shout, a noise, an appeal, I turn and watch. Today, Monday the 3rd March, at 3.45 p.m I’ve not had much I’ve enjoyed watching. Hopefully we can fight back, score another 400 and get the Aussies out for 50 on day 5.

If not, head to Facebook – this is the PR release from Distell.

Good luck whisky lovers, good luck Proteas cricket!


The proudly South African and pioneering whisky brand, Three Ships, will launch a new creative Facebook campaign on March 13th which will see a bottle of Three Ships 5 Year Old Premium Select whisky awarded every second, live and within only 5 minutes (a total of 300 bottles) to loyal consumers who know the brand inside out.

The competition will only be open for 5 minutes and consumers using this time to answer a set of 15 questions will be rewarded by Three Ships matching each second with a bottle of Three Ships 5 Year Old Premium Select to those who are the quickest to show their smarts about the brand.

A 10 day build-up on Facebook will offer consumers information, facts and insights into the Three Ships brand, the James Sedgwick’s Distillery where the whiskies are crafted and Three Ships 5 Year Old Premium Select. This whisky was named World’s Best Blended Whisky at the 2012 World Whisky Awards, ahead of whiskies from traditional whisky producing countries such as USA, Scotland and Ireland.

Consumers can sharpen their knowledge of Three Ships prior to the competition by visiting