Quick – kids 18 plus – 15th June is Father’s Day. You drove him to drink…now reward him.

Ah, that time of year when my kids wonder what to get me for Father’s Day. I’d like a bottle of whisky but can’t really suggest to my under 18 year old offspring that they wander into the nearest liquor outlet and buy me a bottle. I suppose that would be a bit irresponsible.

But….as they have already worked out how to use my card to book movie tickets online and my son and I have long realised that we are much happier having lunch while my daughter goes shopping with my card, the time is near when they turn 18 I’ll be able to say – yes darlings, I’d very much like you to get me a bottle of whisky for Father’s Day. And if they ask which one and I say the Three Ships 5 special select, they may say, “But Daddy, you already have a couple of bottles” and then I’d have to explain whisky evaporation to them. You know the concept…good whisky seems to disappear quite quickly from the bottle.

Anyway, enough of that, here is a press release about the World’s Best Blended Whisky. And it’s homegrown just under an hour away from my front door. Convenient, ne?


To thank dad for being the great man that he is, choose the proudly South African, Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old, gold medal winner at the 2014 International Spirits Challenge (ISC) held annually in London and announced on 5 June.

The whisky, an artful blend of grain and malt whiskies, is crafted by master distiller Andy Watts, who for the past 23 years has firmly placed the South African whisky industry on the global map. The whisky is produced at The James Sedgwick’s Distillery in the Boland town of Wellington, along with the Three Ships Select, Three Ships Bourbon Cask and the limited-edition Three Ships 10 Year Old Single Malt.

The Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old is a tribute to the time Andy spent on the Isle of Islay where many years ago, he fell in love with the island and its iconic peaty whiskies. Andy uses peated barley, distilled in copper stills along with grain spirit, distilled in column stills, to create a beautifully balanced and well-integrated blended whisky. The whisky spends five years in oak developing its aromatic, full peaty and fruity character. Andy recommends enjoying this full bodied whisky neat with a dash of water and pairing it with blue cheese, chicken liver pâté, smoked chicken or Pancetta.

The Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old is available from leading liquor outlets and retails for about R125.”