Ke Nako – the time has come – #GlenGrant50 – news from Scotland.

The official phrase is “Presenting the Glen Grant 50 Year Old. The Time has Come.”

Today a group of whisky lovers from South Africa will be saying “Ke Nako – it is time.”

We’re going to Glen Grant Distillery in the Speyside region of Scotland. We’re going to listen to Dennis Malcolm, the Master Distiller of Glen Grant. And he’s going to share a 50 year old whisky and 50 years of memories about the world of whisky.

It’s a special time for me, my Ke Nako moment, because sitting beside the waterfall at Glen Grant I’ll be raising my glass to the late Don Paul, my friend and whisky mentor, who captivated crowds and pioneered teaching and talking about whisky, properly, professionally, responsibly, in South Africa.
Whisky is about many things: history; patience; dedication; adventure, so the Glen Grant distillery, founded by a gentleman who enjoyed adventures in Africa, is the perfect place for our group from South Africa to enjoy a dram of something very special.

The official press release is below.

“This year Glen Grant is releasing an exceptionally rare edition, the Glen Grant 50 Year Old – a fitting tribute to the innovation and whisky craftsmanship woven into the legend of Glen Grant.
On 28 October 1963 a rather special cask was hand filled by a young man who, at the time, was unaware that this liquid gold would ultimately shape his destiny. It would slowly mature for 50 years until 25 November 2013, when it reached its zenith – a robust, full-bodied and perfectly balanced single malt of distinction.
That young man, Dennis Malcolm, became the Master Distiller of one of Scotland’s finest distilleries, Glen Grant. The cask he watched over for half a century, containing a true masterpiece, is now ready to be presented to the world – once again proving that Glen Grant excels at making single malt – from barley to bottle.

Dennis Malcolm comments, “Only time measures our pursuit of perfection. Maturation cannot be rushed. Like people, casks mature at their own pace. I have protected and cared for this barrel for 50 years, letting it breathe and patiently waiting for the magic and interaction of whisky and wood.”
Only 150 bottles of this exclusive timeless collector’s item will be released globally. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in every sense – presented in a hand-blown crystal glass decanter, masterfully created and individually refined by the skilled craftsmen at Glencairn Crystal, the last family-owned crystal glass company in Scotland. Each decanter is hand engraved, hand numbered and finished with the number 50 in 18-carat gold lettering. The design of the decanter is an exact replica of Glen Grant’s tall, slender pot stills – a creation of Glen Grant’s legendary innovator, James ‘The Major’ Grant.
It is housed in a copper-lined Scottish oak box – made from new oak, worked by a skilful cabinetmaker with a practiced carpenter’s hand and an astute eye for detail. Each Glen Grant 50 Year Old comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Dennis Malcolm and every craftsman involved.
In an age beset by instant gratification, that which has been expertly crafted by hand – with skills honed and passed down through the ages – is a true rarity.
The Glen Grant 50 Year Old is the apotheosis of master craftsmanship: a wide array of age-old skills creating a collective masterpiece that is unquantifiable. It is both aged and timeless. But now, the time has come.





  1. Wow Bernard, enjoy. That’ll be something really special. Not jealous at all….

      1. Great. You can come over to the man cave to tell us all about it, and I’ll invite a few of my usual whisky lover compatriats.

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