Coming up on this blog…

Got some free time over the next few days so that means I can catch up with some writing about one of my favourite subjects: WHISKY!

What’s in store are stories about a 50 year old masterpiece of a Glen Grant that gave me one of the best moments in my whisky career; news about Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky & Three Ships, South African superstars taking on the world; an awesome Glenlivet created with input from whisky lovers round the world; a brief visit to Kavalan in Taiwan; fun times and great whisky at the Glenfiddich 26 release; great news about Bascule Whisky bar, from ruin to redemption; beautiful scenes behind the scene at whisky festivals; how to run a whisky event, and how not to and…tales of the tonic water. 

And of course, keep following, keep tweeting, Keep Walking;) 


Drink less, drink better.