Now, via youtube! Thami sings for our whisky – part 1 of the musical tribute to Glenfiddich @GlenfiddichSA @banda_thami @Butter_KnifePR

Part 1 of 2 about the superb Glenfiddich Whisky and the people who make it fun to drink.

Whisky is whisky and it’s tough to find new ways to present to the public, more so to the jaded journos & bored bloggers. I want to be surprised and dazzled. And I was, in an unexpected way.

Two large boxes arrived on my doorstep. In box 1 I found 20 whisky tasting glasses, branded with the instantly recognisable deer antlers, a hallmark of the Glenfiddich branding. Ok thanks, but the glasses are empty. What now? Cue box number 2, which I opened to reveal the Glenfiddich 15 year old, the whisky formerly known as the Solera Reserve. But wait, that’s not all! There were 4 bottles of some of the component whiskies of the 15 year old: Traditional Oak; Solera Vat; New Oak & Sherry Oak. The Glenfiddich 15 is one of the whiskies I think should be in every whisky lover’s collection. No, correct that, not collection, because collection implies not drinking it. I think the Glenfiddich 15 is one of the whiskies I think should be in every whisky lover’s glass, regularly.

The idea, as explained in the letter that accompanied the whiskies, was to gather a few mates and at 6 on a Sunday evening tune in / log on to the interwebs for a live broadcast from of the maturation warehouses at the Glenfiddich Distillery, all the way over there in Scotland. The letter informed that Thami Banda, whisky’s answer to James Bond and the Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador for South Africa would be leading a tasting of the content of box number 2 and invited us to share in the experience.

So I did just that at The Rockwell Apartments, where the Steelworx bar is going from strength to strength, improving whisky offerings to local and international guests. And we opened the bottles, did the tasting, guided by Thami and the pieces of the 15 fitted together nicely, thank you.  My favourite component: the Sherry Oak cask.

Clever presentation and brand marketing from Leandi, Marisa and their the team at Butter Knife PR dazzled me, the whisky, Glenfiddich is always good, such consistent quality, but what blew me away was Thami singing about the whisky. Yup, there he was, in full voice, belting out the tunes like a rock star!  Here’s a link to the presentation, listen and learn about the whisky, then sing along;)

Well done and thanks to all involved.

Oh, here’s Thami, preparing to wet his lips and launch into song!