An open letter to @realDonaldTrump about Judge Masipa and the moron comment. #OscarTrial

Dear Mr Trump

In the early ’90s I read your first book, “The Art of the Deal” and was impressed by your skill in business, or rather, how you described your expertise. Its been entertaining following your career over the years. I watched a few episodes of “The Apprentice” and was amused at the way you engaged with the competitors. It takes a big ego and thick skin to hold yourself out as the greatest business expert on the planet, while your companies were subjected to bankruptcy reorganization. Not once, not twice, but four times. Shit happens, and when it does, perhaps humility is a good alternative to arrogance.

I don’t have a hassle with anyone making mistakes – I’ve been there, done that, often. But I do have some difficulty with you calling Judge Masipa a moron. At best you have a superficial view of the law in South Africa. Judge Masipa is academically qualified in South African law and has been trained to apply the law to the case. She is an expert in South African criminal law. You aren’t. You are an expert in American Chapter 11 Bankruptcy law. She isn’t.

You called Judge Masipa a moron, which, dependent on which dictionary you use, is either a person affected with mild mental retardation; a very stupid person; or an insulting word for someone who behaves in a stupid way. Think about it. Whether she got the judgment right or wrong is immaterial. Factually, she is not a moron.

I thought – why did you do this? Perhaps behind that big ego is insecurity. Perhaps the negative publicity has gotten to you. I suppose that someone who loves the spotlight as much as you would feel quite hurt by comments from the mainstream and respected press.

Time Magazine published a list of your top 10 failures:

Donald Trump is very proud of himself for forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate, ending the debate over whether he was legally fit to lead the country. But not everything the Donald has put his name behind has succeeded. TIME takes a look at some gambles that went bust

Trump Airlines

Trump Vodka

The Bankruptcies

The Hair

The Marriages

Trump Mortgage

Trump: The Game

The China Connection

Trump Casinos

The Middle East ‘Policy’

I don’t agree with the comments about your hair and marriages. We all have bad hair days and sometimes marriages go wrong, so I wouldn’t call them failures. Learning episodes, perhaps.

But what is more worrying is what Wikipedia had to say. Yes, I know, you aren’t a fan, but it seems that Wikipedia is a good resource for finding the good and the bad. So let’s have a look.

You’ve been a member of four political parties. Is it indecision, or don’t you understand the difference between Republicans or Democrats? Oh – I see you were thinking about running for President. A word of advice – it’s not presidential to call someone a moron. It’s also not presidential to call for a revolution, which you did when President Obama was re-elected. A revolution? Come now, Mr Trump, that is something a moron would say, not you.

Your business career has been interesting. Perhaps you acted like a moron, behaving in a stupid way. From Wikipedia “By 1989, poor business decisions left Trump unable to meet loan payments. Trump financed the construction of his third casino, the $1 billion Taj Mahal primarily with high-interest junk bonds. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, by 1991 increasing debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy and to the brink of personal bankruptcy. Banks and bond holders had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but opted to restructure his debt to avoid the risk of losing more money in court.”

Sorry – clearly I got it wrong. It was the banks that acted like morons.

Do you remember an analyst who worked at a stock brokerage firm.  The analyst had made negative comments on the financial prospects of Taj Mahal. The analyst refused to retract the statements and was fired by his firm. Taj Mahal declared bankruptcy for the first time in November 1990. A defamation lawsuit by the analyst against you for $2 million was settled out of court. So the analyst was correct; you had him fired; your company went bust and then you settled when the analyst sued you. That’s quite silly of you, I think, maybe even moronic.

Given your history of racial controversy, perhaps it was moronic for you, a white man, to call Judge Masipa, a black woman, a moron. You see, what you said has to be viewed against your history. Or shall we call it, your moronic behaviour.

You remember that In 1973, the Justice Department sued your Trump Management Corporation for alleged racial discrimination, at which time you were the company’s president. The federal government filed the lawsuit against your New York City real estate company for discriminating against potential black renters.

After the rape of a white female jogger in Central Park in 1989, you aroused controversy in New York City’s black community when you took out full-page newspaper ads calling for the death penalty for the African-American teenage suspects—who were all later exonerated. Thank heavens you weren’t a judge in that case. You would have had innocent people executed. That would have been moronic. Or maybe not moronic, but racist. There is a long list of similar incidents. Silly of you, really.

But wait – maybe you aren’t just a racist. Maybe you’re an anti-Semite as well. Another snippet from Wikipedia is that last year you sent a tweet about Jon Stewart of The Daily Show which some other Twitter users believe had anti-Semitic undertones: “I promise you that I’m much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz – I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow. Who, by the way, is totally overrated.” Andy Lassner, producer of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, tweeted in response: “I knew you were more than just a racist. Proud of you for showing your anti-Semitic stripes too.”

Really now Donald (you don’t mind if I call you Donald, do you, I feel that I now know you so well) what I don’t like is people shooting off their mouths and interfering with what goes on in South Africa. I like it here. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty cool. If a Judge makes a mistake, there is an appeal process. Judges do make mistakes. We all do. You did, often, and still do, often. So before you call someone a moron, sit back, run your fingers through your hair, and ask yourself: who is the real moron?


Yours sincerely


Bernard Gutman



  1. Bwahaha…… About time someone told Donald to shut the F#€¥ up about issues that don’t concern him….

  2. Well written in fact excellent – I wonder if Trump will have the balls to reply???

  3. Thank you Bernard Gutman for putting Donald Trump in his place, he’s just a piece (Edited)

  4. Thank Bernard Gutman for putting Donald Tramp in his place, proudly South African.

  5. Ever hear the one about Trump travelling up in lift to his offices in Trump Tower.. A very sexy looking woman gets in on the fifth floor.She recognises him and is all over him like a rash .. Oh Donald she gushes .. I admire you so so much ….can I give you a blowjob .. …
    Sure, says Donald , but what in it for me…..!!

  6. I never agreed with Donald Trump before in my life and I probably will never again, but honestly the whole world is shocked about the so called justice in South Africa and the verdict of Judge Masipa. I personally believe she has got (Edited) already.

  7. It’s already been said, but I’ll say it again. Brilliant Sir, positively brilliant!

  8. Well said. I think Americans shouldn’t mouth off about the South African legal system. What do they know about it? Also why is Donald Trump even paying attention to something that doesn’t concern him? He isn’t South African (Deo gratias)

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