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There’s a little restaurant at the Bantry Bay end of Sea Point called Craft Burger Bar. I think they serve the best burgers around and it has my type of vibe. When I’m in the area and feel like a coffee, glass of wine, whisky or a meal, I go there. Yesterday evening I finished a long, long day and needed a pick-me-up. So…I called ahead to Russell, the host and asked him to make sure he had a wee dram ready for me. As it happens, the whisky of choice at Craft Burger Bar is the Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish. I enjoyed it tremendously. Now where am I going with this…yes. Whisky. World Whisky Day is coming up soon and guess what arrived in my inbox today – a press release about Three Ships!

I could say that I predicted the future when I ordered this whisky last night…or perhaps I just wanted a great whisky with a great burger…you decide.


World Whisky Day on 16 May marks a special day for anyone who appreciates the dedication, craftsmanship and passion it takes to create a premium whisky. Celebrate this global event with a proudly South African and internationally award-winning whisky.

Three Ships was launched in 1977 as South Africa’s first whisky brand and the whiskies have come a long way since those early days. Over the years master distiller Andy Watts has established a unique style of whisky-making for each of the Three Ships Select, Premium Select 5 Year Old, Bourbon Cask Finish and 10 Year Old Single Malt crafted at The James Sedgwicks Distillery in Wellington.

Using only the finest raw ingredients and innovation through experience the whiskies each spend a minimum of three years maturing in carefully selected oak casks. The whiskies offer a diverse spectrum of flavours and choice for whisky enthusiasts ranging from soft and sweet to smoky and aromatic.

The world has applauded these whiskies with a World’s Best, double gold and gold at all the major international whisky competitions where all the best whiskies from around the world compete for these prestigious accolades.

The Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish is the first South African whisky where both the malt and grain components are distilled and matured in SA. After an initial maturation of three years the final blend is matured for a further six months in bourbon casks. The result is a soft and warm whisky with delicate honeyed biscuits, vanilla and ripe fruit seamlessly blending into toasted Brazil nuts and mocha coffee with mild spice.

So enjoy this World Whisky Day with a proudly South African whisky, celebrating the extraordinary journey embarked on more than three decades ago.

The range of Three Ships whiskies is available nation-wide from leading liquor outlets and the Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish retails for about R180.

Three Ships Bourbon Cask with tin pack shot  (LR)