Glen Grant 50 – It’s time to go shopping!

Well now whisky lovers, here’s an idea…how about going to Makro to buy a whisky or two and enter a competition to win one of the greatest whiskies I’ve ever tasted. At 50 years old, It’s one of the few remaining whiskies that is older than me…by a couple of years. Roundabout this time last year I was at the distillery with Dennis Malcolm and a merry mob of whisky lovers from South Africa. Take it from me, the 50 year old is a magnificent work of art. So when I got this press release a few days ago, I thought…do I share it, or do I keep it to myself and try buy out all the Makro stock. Sanity prevailed, and I don’t think my whisky budget extends to all the Glen Grant stock at Makro. So here it is. Go now, go shopping.

And good luck.

To the eventual winner…please, whisky is best enjoyed when shared with friends. Old and new. Like me.


Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch whisky is running a promotional campaign in partnership with Makro that gives consumers a chance to win a bottle of the Glen Grant 50 Year Old, worth R200 000.

Only 150 bottles of the special edition 50 Year Old have been made available for sale around the world and only 10 of these bottles are available in South Africa.

In October 1963, a young Dennis Malcolm started working on the special edition when he hand filled a cask, without being aware that this liquid gold would shape his destiny. It would slowly mature for 50 years until it reached its zenith; ready to be presented to the world.

“I have protected and cared for this barrel for 50 years, letting it breathe and patiently waiting for the magic and interaction of whisky and wood,” says Master Distiller, Dennis Malcom.

This liquid gold is presented in a hand-blown crystal glass decanter – unique and handcrafted in every sense. Each piece is hand engraved, hand numbered and finished with the number 50 in 18-carat gold lettering. It is housed in a handmade copper-lined Scottish oak box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that is signed by Dennis Malcolm and every craftsman involved.

Whisky enthusiasts are able to win a bottle of the limited edition Glen Grant 50 year old between 15 July and 15 September, when purchasing a Glen Grant product in one of Makro’s 19 stores. The entry mechanism is simple:
· Purchase one bottle of Glen Grant Major Reserve for R219,95 – receive 1 entry
· Purchase one bottle of Glen Grant 10YO for R389,95– receive 2 entries
· Purchase one bottle of Glen Grant 16YO for R759,95 – receive 3 entries

Make sure that you swipe your Makro Access card to be entered into the competition.

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