Glen Grant Fiodh: 10 decanters…travel retail only. Read this and salivate!

I’m in Jozi at the moment preparing for 3 nights of Whisky Live where I’ll be at the Glen Grant stand. Now I’ve been very fortunate to have enjoyed the Glen Grant 50 at the Distillery. A new expression from the last year that Glen Grant used peated malt, has been released. Have a look at the press release below. And please, if you happen to find a bottle, come visit me;)


Glen Grant®most premium ever whisky, Glen Grant Fiodh, launched in Singapore for DFS Group’s Masters of Wine & Spirit


To mark its participation at the DFS Group’s fifth Master of Wines and Spirits retail event in Singapore in November, Glen Grant® has created a special 10-piece collection of a single malt whisky of outstanding quality and rarity.

Together with DFS, Glen Grant launches a new collection that pays tribute to the journey of the Back Burn river – in 2016 a special thanks will be made for all the trees that have grown due to the blessing of the water from the Back Burn river. The Glen Grant Fiodh ( ‘wood’ in Gaelic) is the first of a series of luxury single malt scotch whiskies and will hero the wood in which the precious liquid is matured.

Glen Grant Fiodh is bottled from a cask filled in 1972, the last year that Glen Grant used peated malt. In the intervening years, the cask remained undisturbed and almost forgotten until it was rediscovered earlier this year with less than 20 precious litres remaining.

As is fitting for such a particular whisky, the single malt is presented in a packaging of exceptionally high quality. The bottles are nestled in a hand-crafted casket of wood, cut from the same tree at the front and the back of the casket and fashioned to evoke the shape of the tree. Each of the ten decanters feature a hand-engraved pattern representing the rings of a tree, each one unique to each of the 10 decanters. Stoppered with solid wood embellished with pure silver and gold, the bottle is designed to appeal to collectors and connoisseurs alike.

“This new whisky is our rarest and most sought after product to date,” says Leigh Irvine, GTR Director of Gruppo Campari, “it is the most exquisite Whiskey Glen Grant has ever produced. We are honoured to partner with DFS in this year’s Master of Wines and Spirits event, and we are sure this new collection will be the first in an exciting and innovative series.””