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I confess a weakness for a good G & T on a hot day. It’s my preferred choice of summertime tipple. It has the range and depth of flavours to satisfy my palate and to refresh. We have a mushrooming variety of Gin on the market, from premium international brands that sell millions of cases per year, to local micro distilleries producing superb spirits. Tonic water is no longer limited to commercial fizz, but international brands such as Fever Tree are now well known and readily available at Gin bars such as Mother’s Ruin. Yes, bars dedicated to Gin.

The highlight of my research – yes, I have done some in depth studying on the topic, mainly, shall we say, on the job training, was a tasting evening with 3 other whisky lovers, 15 different types of Gin and a sufficient quantity of superb tonic water. Tough work, I know, but we have to suffer for our craft…

I also believe that a Martini should be made with Gin, not Vodka, so yes, I have my preferences.

On the 30th January, I know where I’ll be. Have a look at the press release below, and please, come join me for a G & T.

“Gin & Tonic Festival 2016


The time has come for South Africans to celebrate our booming local gin distilleries. Following hot on the heels of the exploding local craft beer industry, the makers of small batch, artisanal gin is following suit. We can think of no better way to sample and celebrate than with a Gin & Tonic Festival!

This inaugural festival will launch in Cape Town on the 30th of January in the charming new Mason’s Press Building in Woodstock, showcasing 8-9 micro South African distilleries and some household international producers. A few to expect on the day will be New Harbour Distillery, Hope on Hopkins, Musgrave, Jorgensen’s, Triple Three Estate Distillery as well as the much anticipated launch of the new Bloedlemoen Gin.

Festival goers are also in for a real treat on the day; Vincent Parisis, a passionate gin-loving Belgian entrepreneur and founder of www.ginsoline.be will be sharing his knowledge as well as curated tasters of a few unique gins at the speaker’s corner. Ginsonline has proven to be one of the most successful online shops in the BENELUX and offers a variety of more than 250 gins, tonics and botanicals imported from all over the world.

Gin lovers can also look forward to having their taste buds tantalised by artisanal food offerings that can be expertly paired with various G&T cocktails, as well as the opportunity to learn from various expert ginsmiths and mixologists about what goes into making their G&T cocktail unique and learning a bit more about their “Gin Story”.

Of course a G&T Festival would be nothing without the tonic technicians, so festival enthusiasts can also look forward to quality hand crafted tonics to complement their favourite gins.

All ticketholders will be presented with a beautifully spacious balloon glass at the festival – the best way to appreciate the crafted drinks and yours to take home as a great festival memento.

G&T lovers in the JHB area and surrounds will be excited to know that plans are already in place for the 2nd phase of the G&T festival to take place at a venue and date which will soon be announced.


Website: http://ginandtonicfestival.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginandtonicfestival/ ”



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