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When I received this press release I got home and searched for my old mother of pearl caviar spoon, a relic of the times I used to wander around the streets of London alternating days of work with days of shopping for shirts. Those days, like the Cold War, are over, but I still enjoy the old time James Bond movies – you know, the time when the Cold War was in full swing, when Bond could do as he pleased without any thought of moderation in drink, women or killing. But we are now in different times. We need to drink less, but drink better. We need to cozy up to mother Russia as we want to go visit to watch the Football World Cup. Beluga Vodka  is being distributed by the team that brought you the superb Innes and Gunn range of beers, so you can expect great things.



10th Jan,2016 – Russia’s premier Beluga Vodka is to be launched in South Africa this month. This supreme quality vodka is going to be available in select outlets nationally.

Distilled in the small batches in the Mariinski Distillery in remote Siberia, Beluga Vodka is made using centuries-old traditional Russian methods. Each bottle is adorned with a hand-fitted Beluga fish, the source of the finest caviar, and long considered by Russians to be the supreme accompaniment for Beluga Vodka.

Katerina Mechetina, Beluga Vodka Brand Director: “South Africans have extremely sophisticated taste, but have yet to be offered genuine Russian vodka of the same level of quality as the Single Malts and Cognacs they are drinking. Beluga Vodka is a handcrafted vodka, made using traditional Russian methods, and we hope South Africans enjoy the remarkable character and softness of an authentic, super premium, Russian vodka.”

Beluga’s crisp, fresh character is created by gentle, natural fermentation of malt spirit rarely used in vodka any longer.  Different natural ingredient infusions, individual for each product variant, are blended with water of the highest purity, from deep Siberian artesian wells.  Beluga’s delicate first distillate is washed through quartz sand, triple-filtered through graphite columns, and then allowed to slow percolate through quartz sand again. The batch is then carefully left to rest for 1 to 3 months to mature. The result is a liquid of luxurious softness, and the ultimate expression of authentic, aristocratic Russian vodka.

Rowan Leibbrandt, at Truman & Orange, Beluga Vodka’s South African distributor, comments: “Beluga is an exquisite product, and as Russia’s leading super premium vodka it’s the first choice of the most knowledgeable vodka drinkers in the world. Vodka is increasingly well understood by South Africans, and we are certain Beluga will appeal to those who are looking to experience authentic Russian vodka of the highest possible quality.”

The Beluga Family is made up of four unique variants, meticulously created in the traditional Russian style.

BELUGA NOBLE is the first to be launched in South Africa, and is a full-bodied vodka slow-percolated through birch and silver filters.  Natural honey, vanilla, and cereal infusions, and a 30-day maturation, create a product of extraordinary character. BELUGA NOBLE will be available at select outlets in the key South African provinces including Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal, and will cost approximately R500 per bottle.

Try Beluga neat or on the rocks, best enjoyed accompanied with black caviar.

Beluga. Made with pride.



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TRUMAN & ORANGE is a partnership between passionate whisky connoisseurs, Jason Duganzich, and Rowan Leibbrandt. A love of single malt is evident with this pair’s experience in the Scotch industry and deep knowledge of fine drinks.  Formerly working for William Grant & Sons, the makers of Glenfiddich, and the world’s most successful single malt whisky, Jason was one of the driving forces behind this brand as its long-standing Brand Ambassador in South Africa. Likewise, Rowan worked for the company in the UK and Russia before moving on to Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers.  Truman & Orange’s mission is to bring the world of fine beer and spirits closer to the discerning drinkers in South Africa with some exciting brands in their portfolio, including the recently launched Innis & Gunn and Beluga Vodka.