Thoughts after a decade of whisky shows: drink whisky because it tastes good.

With the Whisky Festival on in Pretoria, let’s look back to 2014. Drink whisky because it tastes good.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Waterfront Whisky

For more than the past decade I’ve been talking whisky at festivals; private functions; corporate tastings and generally around and about. Talking about whisky is a real privilege, sharing passion, opening up the minds and palates of the public. The expression on the face of someone for whom whisky suddenly makes sense, the joy of a seasoned whisky lover discovering a new brand, or expression is what keeps me going. That, and the brotherhood of whisky lovers, or the whisky fabric as its become known. It is, some people say, a job, which is true as I am paid for what I do, but really it’s the type of job one can do only if one has a love for whisky.

To put things in context, I don’t sell whisky and don’t work for any specific company. I am independent, don’t have report to anyone head office and quite simply…

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