Three Ships Whisky – Gold Medals

I’ve said so much about this whisky over the past few years. It is one of my daily go-to whiskies and it is with tremendous pride that I share this local whisky with the #whiskyfabric around the world.  I can’t say much more, so I leave it to the PR company!


In adding celebration to Andy Watts’ 25th year as master distiller at the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, Three Ships Whisky has been awarded two gold medals at the 2016 International Spirits Challenge for its Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old and Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish.

This prestigious competition sees all the top whisky brands from around the world compete for the attention of the international panel of judges.

“Making whisky is not something that happens overnight. It takes immense planning and a lot of patience!” says Watts. “It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see just how far we have come since those first days of producing whisky in South Africa.

“Over the past three decades we’ve established our own unique style of whisky-making, invested in modern technology and refined our selection of barrels for maturation. The days of people merely being curious about our whiskies has now turned into a serious desire to explore our range.”
The Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish, launched in 2005 is South Africa’s first whisky where both the malt and grain component is distilled and matured in the country. After an initial maturation period of three years in American wood the final blend is matured for a further six months in casks once used for the maturation of bourbon. The result is a soft and warm whisky with honey and vanilla notes, and subtle hints of pepper and spice.

Andy created the Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old as a fond reminder of his time spent in the early years of his career on the Isle of Islay. The whisky is matured for a minimum of five years in American wood with an evident smoky and peaty influence reminiscent of the iconic malts from Islay but much gentler due to the grain component in the blend. Robust and aromatic and unpretentious, the whisky exhibits a full peaty character, ending in a lingering, warm finish.

The Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish and Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old are both available nationwide and retails for about R199.95 and R159.99.