A Martini at lunchtime – Absolutely superb Absolut Elyx

A week ago I indulged in one-third of an American legend: the three Martini lunch. I had one vodka Martini while sitting in a bar in town. I then went back to work. Quite how they did the three Martini version of lunch during the 1960s in America is a mystery to me. Productivity was not a buzzword. Responsible drinking was not a talking point. Think about the outstanding Mad Men TV series, with the executives popping into each other’s offices at all hours of the day for a drink. Those days. Now we know better and drink less, but better.

The flavours Vodka offers are exceptionally delicate. For me, what sets one brand apart from another is mouth-feel and finish. Some of the low to mid-range brands catch at the back of the throat. They are not pleasant. To compensate, some of the high-end brands are silky smooth, refined, with a long, warming finish.

Absolut Elyx is such a Vodka. Global Brand Ambassador Gareth Evans, with 16 years in the drinks industry, has the enviable task of sharing his passion about Elyx around the world. We chatted over a Martini. The smoothest Vodka Martini I’ve had.

What sets Absoluy Elyx apart? Control and copper. Absolut control the entire process, from wheat supply to bottling. As Elyx is a single estate Vodka, the wheat used is from a single company-owned source, the Rabelof Estate. Doing so makes sense as Absolut avoid the vagaries of quality and quantity of supply. A super-premium product needs consistency.

The other major factor is a substantial interaction with copper. Copper strips away roughness. Elyx’s final distillation takes place at the Ahus distillery in a copper still – not the industrial type stainless steel stills. The influence copper has on the spirit is emphasized through everything Elyx, from the packaging, to the stylish copper décor at The Gold Bar in Loop street.

We like to say that whisky has a conversation with copper when it comes into contact with the pot stills. Vodka has the same sort of conversation and what better way to enjoy an evening than talking Vodka Martinis in elegant surroundings.


Here is a press release:



Under the scrutiny of its master distiller, ABSOLUT has been patiently perfecting a new luxury vodka. Now
it’s ready, and it’s called ABSOLUT ELYX. Crafted from single estate wheat and manually distilled in an authentic 1921 copper still, ABSOLUT ELYX is defined by its exceptional purity and silky texture. It’s the finest expression of ABSOLUT.

“The past few years have seen a wave of super-premium vodkas that have been mostly about image,” says Mathi- as Westphal, Global Brand Director. “ABSOLUT ELYX is something different. It’s a unique combination of tradition- al handcraft, copper distillation and cutting-edge design. ABSOLUT ELYX is the result of manual processes, authentic craftsmanship and human supervision through every detail of production. “Only a few people have the skills and knowledge to operate our old copper still. Every handle, knob and lever is adjusted manually. Creating a vodka this way is very time-consuming, but when you taste ABSOLUT ELYX you know it’s worth the effort,” explains Krister Asplund, Master Distiller.


ABSOLUT ELYX is made in Åhus, Sweden, exclusively from single estate wheat from the Råbelöf Castle and water from the pristine well upon which the copper distillery rests. From seed to bottle, everything is done within a fifteen-mile radius of the distillery, ensuring quality control and perfection in every detail.


ABSOLUT ELYX is manually distilled in a 1921 still with columns, pumps and pipes made of solid copper. These types of stills are not built any longer. The copper naturally catalyzes trace compounds in the spirit, purifying the vodka and adding a highly prized texture and taste.


The single estate wheat, the manual operation and the old copper still are three equally important elements contributing to the taste and texture. ABSOLUT ELYX is clear and bright, with a purity and silky texture. It has an elegant, well-rounded aroma, a silky mouthfeel, luxuriously soft taste, and a silky, clean finish.

ABSOLUT ELYX is perfect to serve neat, or in martinis and simple cocktails where the luxurious taste and silky feel can be savored. “ABSOLUT ELYX was created for those who value integrity, and can discern genuine quality, A perfect blend of substance and style, it’s the finest expression of the expertise, creativity and passion that define ABSOLUT.