Three Ships 10 Year Old Single Malt 2005


A friend of mine is a senior executive at a financial institution. She related the story of a dinner with colleagues at a local restaurant. For drinks, she ordered the Three Ships Five Year Old Premium Select. “But why?” her colleagues asked, “we thought you are a whisky lover. Why Three Ships?” She sipped on her whisky and said, “It is because I’m a whisky lover that I drink Three Ships.” Intrigued, the men in suits ordered the Premium Select for themselves. It was the only whisky they drank that night and the next day ordered a case or three for their homes and offices. The men in the office said to my friend that they are deeply in her debt. She says she is happy to share an introduce people to great whisky.

Brands can do all they want with marketing, but getting liquid on lips is still the best way to promote your whisky. And getting liquid on lips is the secret of the success Three Ships is enjoying locally and abroad. Perhaps a good example of how well regarded Three Ships is was the attendance of Theo, one of the influential and passionate Whisky Pigs, Jason & Peter the other, who travelled down from Joburg to attend.

The latest expression is the new 10 Year Old Single Malt, one in a series of single malt expressions that will hopefully be an annual release. The style has moved away from the 2003 sherry cask influence, towards the vanilla notes from American oak, ex-bourbon casks. There is also a gentle smokiness, perhaps a nod to Master Distiller Andy Watts’ time spent many years ago at a distillery on the island of Islay.


The whisky delivers what you would expect from a ten year old, with perhaps a touch more complexity – maturity, perhaps. It is warm out in Wellington, the home of the James Sedgwick Distillery, so perhaps the whisky grows up a bit quicker than it would in Scotland.

The Cape Town launch was at Charango on Bree Street, a Peruvian restaurant and bar, where the mixed bag of media and whisky people gathered for an afternoon of great whisky, food and conversation. Visit Charango and try the seared tuna, beef tacos and anything else that takes your fancy.

There’s more coming from Three Ships, so watch this space.

Here is the press release:


Three Ships Whisky, proudly South African and internationally lauded, has launched a limited edition 10 Year Old Single Malt, one that carries a 2005 vintage statement.

The whisky follows the successful release of the first single malt launched in 2003 and the collector’s tin series over a three year period in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Master distiller Andy Watts says this is the most powerful single malt he has produced to date, a style he will be continuing in the single malts to come.

“When we launched South Africa’s first single malt in 2003 we didn’t have a single malt style policy in place and since then we have actively planned towards this moment where we are now in the position to launch a vintage statement single malt, each year and one with a defined style and vision.

“I use the Cape winter months for fermentation to allow the yeast to follow its natural fermentation curve with as little temperature control interference as possible. We distilled the spirit in 2005 in copper potstills before it was laid to rest for 10 years in a selection of older American oak to compliment the delicate flavours of the spirit. It’s a beautiful whisky and a very proud moment for me!”

Bottled at a strength of 44.6% it is un-chillfiltered and presented in its most purest form. Rich and complex, the wonderful combination of pepper, spice, sweet oak, roasted malt, digestive biscuits, dark toffee and peat reveals slowly as the creaminess in the mouth lingers. The finish is exceptionally smooth, full-bodied with a long fruity, peaty aftertaste and slight hint of liquorice.

The single malt is produced at The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington where the year-round warm temperature accelerates the interaction between the cask and the spirit, allowing the whisky to portray an elegancy associated with much older whiskies.

The Three Ships 10 Year Old Single Malt 2005 vintage will be available for purchase in select liquor outlets and from at about R524.95 per bottle.

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