Bruichladdich takes #transparency to a new, digital level.

The lads at ‘Laddie have taken a massive step towards true transparency in the whisky world. News this afternoon from Phil Voget of E Snell, SA distributors of Bruichladdich, was the announcement that Bruichladdich have taken a major step forward in their transparency campaign.

Bruichladdich now offer access to the digital recipe of all Port Charlotte Scottish Barley bottlings. Information is accessed and displayed in the same way as the previously published Classic Laddie digital recipes. Phil said, “It’s quite amazing – I just inputted the batch code from a bottle of Port Charlotte I have in the office, and found the exact casks, vintages and barley provenance. Nice bit of extra info!”

The editors at have received an open letter (below) from Bruichladdich CEO Simon Coughlin that outlines the Laddie stance on transparency within the Scotch whisky industry.

Transparency and NAS are issues that are divisive amongst lovers of whisky around the world. Whatever your views, we hope that you will take part in the debate in a constructive way. We look forward to a chat over a dram!


Open letter from House of Bruichladdich CEO Simon Coughlin to



We have been greatly encouraged by your interest in and support for greater transparency in the Scotch whisky industry.

Bruichladdich were proud pioneers of the NAS concept in whisky, but we recognise that our increasingly knowledgeable client base appreciates clear information about the age of every component we use to create our multi-vintage cuvees.

In April 2016 we therefore introduced a ‘Classic Laddie Recipe’ on our website. Interested clients can simply enter the five digit batch code printed on every bottle of The Classic Laddie to find the particular composition of casks used in each unique vatting.

We are pleased to be able to announce that we have now extended this programme to our heavily peated Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.  Exactly the same system applies – there is a field provided on the appropriate product page into which the client can input the batch code and reveal the recipe.  Once again, this can be expected to vary from vatting to vatting.

We are confident that, by introducing this greater transparency, we continue to comply with both the spirit and the letter of the relevant EU legislation (Regulation 12.3 of the Spirit Drinks Regulation No 110/2008), the fundamental purpose of which is to protect the interests of the consumer.

We believe the following quote from the regulation supports our position: “The measures applicable to the spirit drinks sector should contribute to the attainment of a high level of consumer protection, the prevention of deceptive practices and the attainment of market transparency and fair competition. By doing so, the measures should safeguard the reputation which Community spirit drinks have achieved in the Community and on the world market by continuing to take into account the traditional practices used in the production of spirit drinks as well as increased demand for consumer protection and information.”

We appreciate your continued attention to this issue which we too believe is of fundamental importance in preserving the integrity of Scotch whisky.

Best regards,

Simon Coughlin

CEO Bruichladdich