The morning after the Oscars: a story about Louis XIII Cognac and a movie you’ll never see.


louis-xiii-3859The morning after the Oscars is a good a time as any to post a story about a movie that anybody over 18 and alive today will never see. It is due for release in 2115. Master Distillers have said that sometimes they are part of history – doing something they will never see, for someone they will never meet, creating something they will never enjoy.

Sitting upstairs on the Member’s balcony at The Stack in Cape Town, at the start of the slope upwards towards Table Mountain, is as good a setting as anywhere in the world to enjoy a glass of Louis XIII, one of the world’s finest Cognacs.

For the novices, Cognac is a brandy from the Cognac region in France – and only from that region. Much like Champagne is a particular type of sparkling wine that can only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France, Cognac symbolizes luxury and celebration.

Some Cognacs go beyond luxury. Louis XIII is one of them, perhaps the most luxurious of them all. A sip can transport you back in time, 100 years past, when the first of the more than 1200 eaux-de-vie was distilled. Let’s pause to think about this: Louis XIII is a blend of more than 1200 different components. It takes 4 generations 100 years or more to produce and truly history in a glass.

Jörg Pfutzner, LOUIS XIII Private Client Director took me through a tasting, explaining the history and sharing with me the story of 100 Years: The movie you will never see.”Jörg is known to have one of the finest noses in the business and a great ambassador for the spirit. We spent an hour over a glass and every few minutes the Cognac revealed more of itself, layers of complexity that spent a century developing, slowly opening up for our pleasure.

The movie is perhaps a reminder that life is finite and we should celebrate each day. While the luxury of a glass of Louis XIII each day is beyond the reach of most of us, it is something to try at least once in your life.

Bernard Gutman





John Malkovich Stars in an Innovative Cinematic Project

Inspired by the Mastery of Time 

LOUIS XIII Cognac, one of the most luxurious spirits in the world, announced an original film, starring actor John Malkovich, which envisions Earth one hundred years from now and will not be released until 2115. Directed by Robert Rodriguez ‘100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See’ was inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac. To ensure that ‘100 Years’ remains secure until its official premiere on November 18, 2115, one century from now, the film was placed in a state-of-the-art safe which will open automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete. One thousand guests from around the world received an exclusive invitation to give to their descendants to attend the premiere of ‘100 Years’, on November 18, 2115, at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac, France.

‘The Movie You Will Never See’

“LOUIS XIII is a true testament to the mastery of time, and we sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, the present, and the future,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director for LOUIS XIII Cognac. “Four generations of LOUIS XIII cellar masters put a lifetime of passion into a bottle of LOUIS XIII, yet they will never taste the resulting masterpiece. We are thrilled that this talented actor and creative filmmaker were inspired to join us on this artistic endeavor.”

A French art de vivre enthusiast and thought-provoking virtuoso, John Malkovich developed an original screenplay for ‘100 Years’. Styled by costume designer Nina Proctor, Shuya Chang was cast as his on-screen partner, and the two journey through an unknown future achieved by innovative set design and extensive CGI effects.

When I was first approached I really loved the idea… I mean, in a way I wish all the films I made wouldn’t have been seen for a hundred years. I don’t know how much that would change the way they are regarded…” said John Malkovich.

The incredible legacy of craftsmanship that goes into one decanter of LOUIS XIII, and the fact that its creators will never experience the results of their work, led the creative direction of the film ‘100 Years’, which explores the fascinating concept of what the future may look like in one hundred years. Just as each cellar master dedicates his life to creating a masterpiece that he will never experience, the cast and crew of ‘100 Years’ will never see the final cut of the film.

2115: An Unknown Future

While this ground-breaking film will not be released in full until 2115, three teasers have been produced that explore hypothetical visions of what Earth might be like in one hundred years. Each teaser begins with the same dialogue and incorporates the actors, but each presents a different future. One imagines the Earth one hundred years from now overtaken by nature. In 2115, Earth has been devastated by chemical warfare, and nature has taken over. Another imagines a dark world ruled by technology, after extraterrestrial exploration when Earth became ultra-urbanized and technologically advanced. And the third teaser imagines that humanoid robots have taken control of the Earth and humans have to run to escape. They engage viewers to question which vision is closest to tomorrow’s reality. In addition, a short trailer will provide a brief glimpse into the making of and content from the completed ‘100 Years’.

The film “100 Years” was placed in a safe created in partnership with Fichet-Bauche, a distinguished French brand, established in 1825, today owned by Gunnebo Group, a worldwide leader in security products, services and solutions. The custom made safe is a marvel of design, featuring bulletproof glass and a revolutionary timer that records the time and date and counts down one hundred years. Upon the closing of the safe, the door will not open until the one hundred year countdown is complete on November 18, 2115. The first luxury safe box in the world that cannot be opened with a code or a key, the safe will open automatically regardless of access to a power source, further guaranteeing that there is no way that the film can be accessed before 2115.

‘100 Years’ was celebrated on Wednesday, November 18th with an exclusive preview of the film’s trailer at the Sheats Goldstein Mansion in Los Angeles. During the invitation-only event, John Malkovich, with LOUIS XIII, ceremoniously placed the film reel into the custom safe and set the timer for the official premiere in November 18th, 2115. This safe will be transported around the world under high-level security for an international tour beginning in Hong Kong on December 11th, before it reaches its final destination at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac. When the safe is finally unlocked in one hundred years, guests will be welcomed – including the future cellar master, and a descendant of each guest who received a ticket to the film’s preview in 2015 – to an exclusive premiere at the Domaine du Grollet in Cognac, France, on November 18th, 2115.

While ‘100 Years’ truly is ‘The Movie You Will Never See,’ starting today, the exclusive trailer and three teasers will live on WWW.LOUISXIII-COGNAC.COM. Viewers are invited to join the conversation on social media with #notcomingsoon and follow LOUIS XIII on its social channels including: Instagram: @LOUISXIIICOGNAC_USA; Facebook: and Twitter: @CognacLouisXIII.